Part-time + Just-in-Time Marketing Leadership

Sample engagements

Hiring a permanent marketing leader takes time to get right. What if you need an experienced marketing perspective right now? Situations that require objectivity and flexibility are great use cases. Here are some common scenarios:

a strategic season requires seasoned input

Early-stage startups, transactions, transitions, pivots, pilots, reinventions, rebrands and rapid growth.  Moments like these call for seniority, a leader who has been here before. Enter me, a marketing executive capable of asking (and answering) hard questions and offering the specific set of skills you need through a strategic season of change.  

a high-performing team needs assessment  or mentorship 

It's a common scenario: The business model matured, but your marketing team has not. If you're ready to make some marketing organizational changes, I will serve as a fresh pair of experienced eyes to assess your in-house team then recommend and execute the shift you need, from sequenced FTE changes to contractor and agency spend.

If you're concerned about team morale and want to prevent attrition in a high-performing team, a positive, stabilizing presence will work wonders. As an experienced mentor, I can help raise performance and boost morale to create a productivity halo.

you need a built-for-purpose team to tackle something big and new

Preparing to enter a new market? Considering launching to a new segment? Planning a time-bound sprint?  Incorporating an acquired company's portfolio post-acquisition? Doing something big and new is never easy, but I can help you make a plan before you start the climb. As an agile marketing leader, I will ensure you have the right resources and relationships to succeed, both internal and external. I will also work with your marketing team to achieve the right mindset so everyone is bought-in, motivated and supported. The result is a unified and empowered marketing team ready to drive your project’s success.

your cmo resigned or was dismissed 

Attrition happens. Whether it was regrettable or not, planned or out-of-the-blue, you never want to rush to hire for such a critical role. These are perfect moments to leverage an agile talent model. As a just-for-a-season Chief Marketing Officer, I will provide stability and day-to-day oversight and execution, as well as team mentorship and marketing representation. This gives you the expertise you need now while you scope the permanent role and identify the right candidate

something's not working 

You know something is broken, but the root cause is a mystery. Maybe your team is too swamped to investigate why their efforts aren't achieving results. Maybe they're missing their mission. Maybe your market is changing in subtle but meaningful ways. As a consultative CMO, I will set your in-house marketing up for success: diagnosing problems, troubleshooting, reinventing and creating an executable plan for ongoing success all without the long-term commitment of a senior hire.